5 Interesting Cake and Bake Facts

 by sharmi

Explore Cake and Bake facts, and get to know the true story of your favorite foods. Food Story always sounds interesting, since food is a part of our daily life. So here are top 5 interesting cake and bake facts.

1.Cream Of Tartar a byproduct of Wine

Frequent Bakers are very familiar with cream of tartar. Its mainly used as a stabilizing agent and is a component of baking powder.

Here is fun part of how we make cream of tartar. Its a byproduct of Wine-making. Can you believe it? Cream of tartar is collected as crystals in the sides of barrel, during the fermentation process of wine. Those crystals are again processed and powdered to make cream of tartar.

cream of tartar

2.Chocolate Chip invented after Chocolate chip Cookie

Chocolate Chips were created in response to the Chocolate chip Cookie’s popularity.

The first Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented in 1937, when Ruth Graves Wakefield added cut-up chunks of semi-sweet chocolate to the cookie dough. This Cookie was a great success with the some un-melted chunks of chocolate. The Popularity of this cookie, turned on the market for easy to use chocolate chips that was produced few years later.

chocolate chip cookie

3.Croissant weren’t invented in France

The Kipferl, ancestor of Croissant, has been documented in Austria going back as far as 13th century in various shapes. Kipferl was made plain with nuts or anyother fillings. The French version of Kipferl is named as Croissant in crescent shape and has become an identifiable shape across the world.

4.German Chocolate Cake origin is U.S.

This German Chocolate Cake is a layered Chocolate Cake from United States filled and topped with Coconut-pecan frosting. Its name is from an English-American chocolate maker, Samuel German who developed the Dark Chocolate that’s widely used in the cake recipe. That’s were this cake was named German’s Chocolate Cake and later it was shortened to German Chocolate Cake.

5.Fruit Cake is edible even after 106 years

When a Fruit Cake contains a good amount of alcohol, it can remain edible for many years. Recently in 2017, a Fruit Cake was discovered that’s 106 years old in excellent condition and almost edible. Wrapping the cake in alcohol-soaked linen before storing is one method of lengthening its self life.

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